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Centaurus Constellation Named for the Mythical Centaur

Its not often that people from the northern hemisphere get to see southern hemisphere stars unless they actually travel south of the equator. When they do, they come away marveling at how lovely the southern skies can be. In particular, the constellation Centaurus gives people a look at some bright, nearby stars and one of the loveliest globular clusters around. Its definitely worth looking at on a nice, clear dark night. Understanding the Centaur The constellation Centaurus has been charted for centuries and sprawls across more than a thousand square degrees of sky. The best time to see it is during the evening hours during southern hemisphere autumn into winter (around March through mid-July) although it can be spotted very early in the morning or evening other parts of the year. Centaurus is named for a mythological being called a Centaur, which is a half-man, half-horse creature in Greek legends. Interestingly enough, due to Earths wobble on its axis (called precession), Centauruss position in the sky has changed over historical time. In the distant past, it was seen from all over the planet. In a few thousand years, it will once again be visible to people around the world. Exploring the Centaur Centaurus is home to two of the most famous stars in the sky: the bright bluish-white Alpha Centauri (also known as Rigel Kent) and its neighbor Beta Centauri, also known as Hadar  which are among the Suns neighbors, along with their companion Proxima Centauri (which is currently the closest one). The constellation is home to many variable stars as well as a few fascinating deep-sky objects. The most beautiful is the globular cluster Omega Centauri. It is just far enough north that it can be glimpsed in late winter from Florida and Hawaii. This cluster contains about 10 million stars packed into an area of space only about 150 light-years across. Some astronomers suspect there may be a black hole at the heart of the cluster. That idea is based on observations made by the Hubble Space Telescope, showing stars all crowded together at the central core, moving faster than they should be. If it does exist there, the black hole would contain about 12,000 solar masses of material. Theres also an idea floating around in astronomy circles that Omega Centaurus might be the remains of a dwarf galaxy. These small galaxies still exist and some are being cannibalized by the Milky Way. If this is what happened to Omega Centauri, then it occurred billions of years ago, when both objects were very young. Omega Centauri may be all thats left of the original dwarf, which was torn apart by the close pass by the infant Milky Way. Spotting an Active Galaxy in Centaurus Not far from the vision of Omega Centauri is another celestial wonder. Its the active galaxy Centaurus A (also known as NGC 5128) and is easily spottable with a good pair of binoculars or a backyard-type telescope. Cen A, as its known, is an interesting object. It lies more than 10 million light-years away from us and is known as a starburst galaxy. Its also a very active one, with a supermassive black hole at its heart, and two jets of material streaming away from the core. Chances are very good that this galaxy collided with another one, resulting in huge bursts of star formation. The Hubble Space Telescope has observed this galaxy, as have several radio telescope arrays. The core of the galaxy is quite radio-loud, which makes it an attractive area of study. Observing Centaurus The best times to go out and see Omega Centauri from anywhere south of Florida begin in the evening hours of March and April. it can be seen into the wee hours until July and August. Its south of a constellation called Lupus and seems to curl around the famous Southern Cross constellation (officially known as Crux). The plane of the Milky Way runs nearby, so if you go to view Centaurus, youll have a rich and starry field of objects to explore. There are open star clusters to search out and a lot of galaxies! Youll need binoculars or a telescope to really study most of the objects in Centaurus, so get ready for some busy exploration!

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Microfinance And Small Scale Business - 1458 Words

Introduction Microfinance are the financial institutions who provide loans or funds to individuals who do not possess the actual documents which can be submitted to banks to seek/borrow loans. These individuals can be entrepreneurs and small scale business owners. Microfinance institutions mostly function in developing countries when compared to developed countries. They are almost similar to banks with regards to the nature of functioning, for instance, they fund people who would like to start a poultry business (farmers), transportation and restaurants. The functions as mentioned earlier are similar to the banking institutions, however, the range of transactions are in small scale. The transactions mostly happen with few hundreds of dollars. The money borrowed are often used to buy the tools and necessary items to start with construction in case of a new small business or for reconstruction in case of an established trader. The main purpose of these small entrepreneurs is to support their families and the run their business to get themselves out of poverty. Microfinance institutions lends loan on short term basis where the borrower is expected to pay their loan within 6 months to 1 year. Hence these institutions do not require much documents prior to approve the loans, as it can be seen with most banks. What kind of innovation is microfinance today? Microfinance was started as a Social Innovation by a Bangladeshi social entrepreneur named Muhammad Yunus. His intentionsShow MoreRelatedMicrofinance for Rural Entrepreneurs1511 Words   |  6 PagesMicrofinance for rural entrepreneur Microfinance institutions are institutions that offer basic financial services to the low income earners and the poor. The emergence of Microfinance institutions are rooted on the fact that most financial institutions offer financial services that are far much beyond the reach of the low income population. Microfinance institutions have been designed to bridge the gap and fill the void left by the major banks to bank the unbankable and offer various financialRead MoreNeed Of The Study Of Women1492 Words   |  6 Pages($158 billion). Within the segment, small enterprises led the demand for financing: around Indian rupees 6.42 trillion ($116 billion), approximately 74 percent of the total requirement. This was mostly due to unmet working capital and investment finance needs. Micro enterprises with a requirement of Indian rupees 2.05 trillion ($37 billion), accounted for 24 percent. Most of this requirement was largely focused around working capital needs. Women-owned medium-scale enterprises, which account for 0.01Read MoreThe Role Of Ngo s Impact On Poverty Essay1430 Words   |  6 Pagesstricken individuals. While NGO projects individually reach many people living under the poverty line, they tend not to reach those living in extreme poverty that are also small scale, resulting in the total numbers assisted being low. The NGO projects themselves also tend to be small scale. The total numbers assisted are also small. Most NGO projects rely on ongoing fundraising efforts and rarely create genuine local self-suffi ciency. Finally, although NGOs projects are often executed in imaginativeRead MoreChallenges of Microfinance Banking in Nigeria1603 Words   |  7 PagesCHALLENGES OF MICROFINANCE BANKING IN NIGERIA-1 Nigerians, like many other Africans are generally known as their brother’s keepers in view of the extended family system. But when truly analyzed, there is a possibility that this may not be so? Perhaps a hypothetical deep may reveal that not up to 10% of Nigerians would invest in ventures or people that would yield them nothing in return and here I mean, â€Å"Returns in the short run or in the immediate†. The returns may be financial, emotional, spiritualRead MoreDeveloping A Small Enterprises And Micro Leasing1804 Words   |  8 PagesMicrofinance provides the basic financial services to low income people, who have lack to access to bank related services. This includes credit for instance, micro saving’s, micro insurance and micro leasing. The main focus of European Union is on microcredit because there is only limited experience with micro savings and micro leasing exists, it is due to the strict regulation, for instance with regard to deposit taking. The microcredit is the extension of very small loans to those who are in povertyRead MoreWhy Development Aid For Africa Has Failed876 Words   |  4 PagesSpiegel is a weekly news magazine similar to English-written publication TIME, with a circulation of around 1 million copies weekly; and is known for its critical stance towards the German government. Whilst being independent of any political party or business group it has a left-wing stance and so an article scrutinising aid to Africa is perhaps a slightly atypical viewpoint for the magazine to publish. The article begins by claiming that whilst the donors receive good wages with the current aid systemRead MoreUttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu: A Comparative Study in Micro-Finance1699 Words   |  7 Pagesin order to explain the growth of microfinance in the country and bring out the a comparative study of the growth of microfinance in the two states of Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.) Literature Review- Studies analyzing the Micro Financing in India- Micro finance has been a field which has attracted a lot of research work. A review of the major research works of economists and sociologists provide us with interesting insights on issues related to microfinance. Seibel and Parhusib (1990) in theirRead MoreThe Microcredit Foundation of India and Poverty in India1155 Words   |  5 PagesMicrocredit Foundation has its base located in southern rural India. Microcredit works with just about everyone who needs their help; however their focus is women. Microcredit presents the women of rural communities with the opportunity to start a business. The services of micro credit are dedicated to creating a better stable economy, opportunities in the establishment of medium sized enterprises, and co-operative development. The Microcredit Foundation of India provides sufficient and affordableRead MoreEssay Enviroï ¬ t International Case Study607 Words   |  3 Pagesneeded to make decisions about an appropriate business model that would allow the venture to meet the team’s desire for a triple bottom line impact, scalability, and ï ¬ nancial sustainability. In my opinion, they need a hybrid business model. Just like creating a suitable technology for that third world, the style of a business design must consider such constraints. Three primary constraints led the development from the business design. First, the business design required to provide the package towardsRead MoreThe Determinants Of Financial Sustainability Of Microfinance Institutions7571 Words   |  31 Pagesconcepts, followed by the main theories used in this study to explain the determinants of financial sustainability of microfinance institutions in Nigeria. A theoretical framework is then developed based on the accounting theory and theoretical background presented as reviewed from available literature in microfinance. 4.1 CONCEPT OF MICROFINANCE Microfinance is the provision of small scale financial services to low income or unbanked people. It is about provision of â€Å"a broad range of financial services

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British Poetry Free Essays

Restraint, whether in diction, image, theme, or meter can be used as expressively in poetry as bombastic meter or jarring images and complex diction. In some cases, a muted approach toward the formal expression of a poetic theme allows a poet to convey a sense of magnitude and urgency which one might not expect from a subdued or highly-controlled technique. However, British poets of the post-war generation such as Ted Hughes, Philip Larkin, and Derek Walcott exemplify the use of an aesthetic which makes effective use of a subdued and muted idiom. We will write a custom essay sample on British Poetry or any similar topic only for you Order Now Their example is illustrative if not definitive of this tendency as applies to much of British poetry composed after the world wars. One interesting questions as pertains to these four poets is whether the impulse behind each of the poets’ delving into muted understatement is similar or whether each poet sought for disparate reasons a similar style. For Hughes, a quality of stillness and contemplative quietness pervades most of his work, from his first published title â€Å"Hawk in the Rain† through his famous cycle of myth-driven poems â€Å"Crow† and beyond. In â€Å"Crow’s First Lesson,† Hughes drives a complex theme (the cosmic nature of love and its role in the creation of the universe) against a linguistic pallette of utter simplicity. The words are delivered in the cadence of a children’s story or a school primer:†God tried to teach Crow how to talk. /’Love,’ said God. ‘Say, Love. ‘/Crow gaped, and the white shark crashed into the sea/And went rolling downwards, discovering its own depth. † Here there is a conspicuous absence of complex word-construction or even complex thought associations. In addition to the sing-song cadence and the child-like sentence structure, the images of the poem are those of simple construction: a god, a crow, a shark, a sea. No specific qualities are probed or explored for any of the poem’s elements; there is no subjective reaction to the inner-elements of the poem by the poet, there is no overt confessional element. The muted, simplified construction persists throughout the poem, even through the poem’s most complex (penultimate) stanza: And Crow retched again, before God could stop him. And woman’s vulva dropped over man’s neck and tightened. The two struggled together on the grass. God struggled to part them, cursed, wept– At this point the poem can be said to have progressed out of its childlike facade and into its more difficultly explicated themes regarding cosmic creation, sex, love, and the relationship between men and women, and also men and women and God. The most obvious reason for Hughes’ use of a muted, simplified construction in â€Å"Crow’s First Lesson† is to forward the sense of new-beginnings. As though the reader is being instructed in the fundamentals of creation and (Creation) as he or she encounters the poems in â€Å"Crow. † The secondary reason for Hughes’ use of poetic restraint in â€Å"Crow† is to convey a sense of sacred respect and grief. These latter qualities may emanate form his personal experience as Hughes’ biography, as is well known, is one which contains much personal suffering and grief. Hughes attains a nobility in the surface of the poem which masks the faces of the grotesque which lie just beneath and are most accessible in the poem’s closing stanzas. In this way, the construction of the poem expresses Hughes cosmic vision of a universe of â€Å"laws† and â€Å"logic† which masks, just beneath, a procession of myth and archetypal realities which to human conscious perception are often terrifying and grotesque. Similarly, in Derek Walcott’s â€Å"The Sea is History† a muted and highly controlled technique lends the poem a dignified and sacred air. Walcott’s desire in this poem is to present the reader with a poem which offers as many shifting images as the sea itself while simultaneously preserving the rhythmic ease of the sea’s sounds and motion and also preserving a feeling of entering greater and greater depth as if the reader is being led into the sea and its pacific, hypnotic procession of images. Unlike Hughes, whose main emotive impulse in â€Å"Crow’s First Lesson† is one of cathartic grief, Walcott’s poem flows with a sense of grandeur and history. It is a far less personal poem than Hughes’ in some ways, but in a many ways it is also more deeply personal as a confession of personal vision. Like Hughes, Walcott is ultimately concerned in this poem with a Creation myth: and in the salt chuckle of rocks with their sea pools, there was the sound like a rumour without any echo of History, really beginning. However, Walcott’s poem traces back from the modern to the ancient past of time’s beginning (leading the reader â€Å"deeper and deeper†) with little sense of grief or catastrophe. Instead, the pervading impulse of the poem is one of embracement. And it is necessary for the poem to mimic in sound and form its central image, the sea, in order for the thematic ideas of the poem, that history binds all times in a single flowing â€Å"sea† of being, to be expressed. Again, both Hughes and Walcott have nurtured a quiet and contemplative idiom in many ways as an homage to and symbol of their hoped-for connection with nature. The muted, contemplative qualities of these poems is an indication of the poets’ desire to enter into the same quiet creativity that is often displayed in nature, and also to show reverence for the restraint and contemplativeness in nature: fireflies with bright ideas and bats like jetting ambassadors and the mantis, like khaki police, and the furred caterpillars of judges examining each case closely, and then in the dark ears of ferns It is worth mentioning that Walcott, in the closing lines of â€Å"The Sea is History† momentarily steps out side of the pervading feeling of contemplative discovery and descent into the pacific depths. In the following passage, the poem modulates to a much more complex and verbally agitated state: â€Å"the plangent harp of the Babylonian bondage,/ as the white cowries clustered like manacles/on the drowned women†. It is likely that Walcott intended this change in diction and pace to indicate an urgency in its historical and Biblical references. While Hughes and Walcott attain mythic stature by way of a restrained and muted poetic technique, Philip Larkin’s â€Å"Faith Healing† seems to lament the absence of a working, living myth in the everyday lives of the people of the poem. His vision is one of sadness and lost love: By now, all’s wrong. In everyone there sleeps A sense of life lived according to love. To some it means the difference they could make By loving others, but across most it sweeps As all they might have done had they been loved. That nothing cures. An immense slackening ache, Larkins’ emotional impetus seems to be one of empathy, providing in the poem what the faith-healer cannot rightly provide in the context of the poem’s narrative. The muted and restrained diction, rhyme and meter in this poems helps to impart to the poem a sense of the pedestrian, everyday setting that is the poem’s central concern. It is ordinary people with ordinary problems all who suffer who may be redeemed by love. So, Larkin’s quietude is in reverence for the redeeming quality of love and nature, but is also a respectful lament for the people who have been left out of love’s redemption. This â€Å"quiet† poem masks a deep and rebellious sentiment which lies at the heart of the poem’s themes. Larkin in lamenting the lack of redemptive love and tying this observation to a â€Å"weak† religious impulse is, in effect, criticizing the spiritual sincerity of his own society and questioning the value of religious faith as affectation, when the authentic redemptive quality is love, not religion. In conclusion, each of the poets examines made use of a restrained and contemplative voice for the expression of deeply emotional and spiritually profound themes. For Hughes and Walcott, the accessing of myth by way of a restrained and tempered idiom which drew from nature its tone of creative quiet, led to the expression of mythically charged Creation stories. The expression of abiding grief and the identification with elemental nature is also present in each of these poets. For Larkin, the muted and restrained idiom found effective use as a method for conveying his bitter observations of spiritual and religious hypocrisy. In each of the poems discussed both similar and dissimilar motivations for the poets’ use of a restrained technique were found. The connecting energy between these poets is one of grief and of identification with nature. The dissimilar aspects are those regarding personal versus collective expression, with Hughes closer to the at the end of subjective confession and Larkin moving toward the universal, and Walcott somewhere in between. The poets’ uses of a similar compositional technique and philosophy seems not to have occasioned a similar emotive and thematic range. Each poet chooses to use the muted and restrained idiom for a different purpose,, united in style if not in purpose. How to cite British Poetry, Papers

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N.H.S Patient Database Management System with Examples

Question: Discuss about the N.H.S Patient Database Management System. Answer: Introduction In this report document, the author has identified several intellectual concepts of database management system in context with N.H.S administration mentioned in the case study. The presented report below is to understand the concept of database or information management system in the selected working environment in this case it is N.H.S hospital in United Kingdom. The overall idea of this document is to understand N.H.S managing information system in the workplace and the capabilities of database management system and difference between the traditional database management system and non-traditional database management system. The aim of this report is to understand the overall working concept of database management system in the selected organization. 1. Overview of the Selected Company (N.H.S) The researcher has taken the case study as N.H.S Patient Management System associated with the country United Kingdom. In a relevant case study, the perfect use of database management has been clearly stated and highlighted (Asabe et al. 2013). The main motive of reflecting the case study is to make distinguish the concept of database management system and its uses; to make transformation in the manual way of searching, manipulating, sorting, and accessing medical patient information files in the form of electronic medical record. 2. Description of the Database Management System at N.H.S 2.1 Capabilities of N.H.S Patient Database System According to (Kuperman 2013), a database is a well structured collection of information or data. It is the collection of tables, queries, views, schemas, reports and other objects. On the other hand as per (Mazurek 2014), a DMBS (Database management system) is an application that interacts with the customers or user and with other software applications and the database itself collect, capture and analyzes the information or data. The table below showcase the difference in relationship database management system and traditional system that is mentioned in the below table. Traditional Database Relational Database Management System DBMS has to be persistent. DMBS should provide uniform procedure or methods independent of a particular application for accessing the data which is stored. DBMS does not put any security or constraints with respect to data manipulation. Normalization procedure is not present in traditional database DBMS only supports single user. DBMS internally treats data as files DBMS needs low hardware and software requirements. It has no concept of relationship. RDBMS is completely based on relationship model. RDBMS describes the integrity constraint. In RDBMS a normalization procedure or process is present which evaluates the database table. It helps in backup of the database in case of lost information or data. RBMS is utilized to establish the concept of relationship among with database. It does support more than one user. It treats data as tables. The hardware and software requirement is high. Table 1: Difference between Traditional Database and Relational Database Management System (Source: Mazurek 2014, pp-531) The database management system is a computer application which is utilized to interact with others applications and users and where the database itself collect and analyze the data. The basic functionality of database management system is to allow the data to be well organized in a system to be analyzed or utilized as per the user requirement (Mazurek 2014). In this case, the patient or N.H.S hospital management data or information is collected is stored in the database management system and it is been utilized by the hospital management as per requirement. The concept of non-relationship database management system is to provide a technique or process for storing and retrieving of information or data which is modeled other than the tabular relations used in RDBMS. They are generally used in real time web application or big data and they are also known as NoSQL which generally refers to Non SQL. The concept of Non-Relational Database System in N.H.S Patient Database System is a form of database that does not incorporate with the key/ table model that generally RDBMS promotes (Mazurek 2014). This kind of database management system does not require SQL programming; rather than it requires manipulation of data technique while maintaining patient data and records. Figure 1: N.H.S database management system (Source: Waterson 2014, pp-154) Cloud computing has been a latest trend and quickly developing technology in the area of health care. Universally, it is on demand where it can access the data virtually to endless resources. The utilization of cloud computing in the field of healthcare has provided various benefits in terms of economically and technically. The cloud computing is generally used in OMICS-Context for example it is been used in proteomics, genomics, and molecular medicines. The cloud computing concept can be very handy to a hospital management system where it provides worldwide access to the hospital resources to help the patient serve better with a better management system as well as management. 2.2 E-R Diagram of N.H.S Database Management System Figure 2: Diagram of N.H.S Management Database System (Source: Kaur and Bhambri 2015, pp-60) 3. Evaluation of Challenges and Benefits of Database Management System at N.H.S 3.1 Challenges of N.H.S Patient Database System The document has presented severe challenges in context with N.H.S administration database management system. As mentioned above, that the need and benefits of database management system is very necessary for every management organization. There are various challenges that affect the efficiency of N.H.S administration. The author has highlighted various upcoming challenges of database management system which include delivering enhance performance, issues of information integration, lack of patient resources, securing personal information and growth of high information volume growth (Haux 2013). Maintaining cost As the maintenance cost is high because of the growth and size of the database. Training cost A database management system is a critical and complex system and the employees or individuals who ever is going to use it has to be know more about its functionality, so they need to understand the database management system properly and how to use it. Security Issue The security needs for a database management system is high and typically need to improve security functionalities and features which are costly. 3.2 Benefits of Database Management System at N.H.S Data Access The N.H.S database management system basically has a centralized database which allows the end users to operate and access the database without any programmer or any application program creator (Xu et al. 2014). The main benefits are that the data are crafted well in an organized manner and the data structures or records can be access easily whenever required. Expandability The database expandability is one of the major benefits of this database management system where a new applications or sections like new department or employee interface can be created without any interfering with already created database or working applications in the N.H.S database management system. Backup and Recovery In most of the case in systems, the entire database might get corrupted or might get lost but the database management system provides a backup and recovery options which gives N.H.S database management system a better advantage to prevent the patient and hospital data loss in case of viral attack or any other disaster situation. 4. Discussion and Critique the Impact of Improved Knowledge based system in N.H.S Patient Database System The concept of knowledge based system implies a system program that utilizes advance knowledge to solve critical and difficult problems. In the base of database management system, there is a need of emergence in improving the concept of knowledge based system. According to Holsapple (2013), the concept of knowledge based system is a generic term that is used in knowledge organization for classification schemes, topic maps and etc.; whereas as per Hislop (2013), the base of knowledge management is a concept in which an organization organize and gathers its social knowledge in terms of documents and resources. 4.1 Intelligent Data Support System in N.H.S Patient Database System Managing the knowledge in N.H.S organization to support the clinical decision making needs changing information into actionable intelligence and which can be translated by various functional working employees in N.H.S. Figure 3: Intelligent Data Support System in N.H.S (Source: Mital and Monga 2015, pp-45) The concept of Intelligent Data Support System makes extensive use of artificial intelligence techniques (Lavrac et al. 2012). The IDSS does provide by a system that helps in making the decision by providing an evidence based understanding with regards to patient data. It helps in making decisions by showcasing of intelligent behavior which might include reasoning and learning. This can be achieved by implementing neural network or knowledge based or rule based expert systems. Based on the relevant case study of N.H.S Patient Database Management System there are varieties of intelligent data support system. 4.2 Use of database as a source of Business Intelligence in N.H.S Patient Database System Today hospital or a healthcare organization is generated huge amount of data from their respective departments. Even though the data is huge but the information which it carries is very less. So in such case the business intelligence will be much useful to N.H.S hospital where the raw data are transformed into meaningful information to ensure that the decision which is made is accurate. The database holds a very important concept in an overall N.H.S patient management system (Barone et al. 2012). It provides the current, past and predictive views of the hospital operations mostly by utilizing the data which has been gathered in the database during the hospital operation. Various kinds of information and report might be required by the N.H.S hospital staff or doctors so the BI helps in making decision faster and its improved efficiency. 4.3 Elements of Business Intelligence environment in N.H.S patient database system There are generally six elements in Business Intelligence Environment in context with N.H.S Patient database Management system (Kirchner et al. 2013). It has been identified that it as data from the N.H.S environment which is critical because the BI is depended in the raw data which is gathered by the hospital management system, business intelligent infrastructure, N.H.S Patient database analytics toolset, delivery platform and user interface of a N.H.S Patient Database system. 5. Evaluation of Ethical, Legal and Technical Issues in N.H.S Patient Database System 5.1 Ethical Issues in N.H.S Patient Database System The researcher has manifested several ethical, issues regarding the ethical issues prevailing in the N.H.S administration management which include: avoiding conflicts of interest, balancing profit with patients and providing the benefits of charity care, VIP treatments for patients and for donors v/s wrestling with equal treatment (Strack et al. 2014), managing and manipulating geriatric and pediatric patients who has not the capacity for decision making and addressing moral distress nurses with minimal benefit. 5.2 Legal Issues in N.H.S Patient Database System Based on the relevant case study, the researcher has manipulated some legal issue which includes: lawsuits against the mandate to purchase health insurance, data breaches and HIPAA, issue of antitrust, false claims and suits of whistle blower, physician N.H.S issues and anti kickback, impact of stark law on social N.H.S relationships and recovery of audit contractors. 5.3 Technical Issues in N.H.S Patient Database System The technical issues in case of N.H.S administration management system are reflected by the researcher itself which generally include: physician alignment, decreasing fees of technical, N.H.S owned practices, storage of physician, maintain ace of patient safety, emerging of energy standards and errors of medication (Cresswell and Sheikh 2013). 6. Analytics tool for making improvement in decision making and knowledge management in N.H.S Patient Database System 6.1 Analysis tool for making improvement in decision making in N.H.S Patient Database System Constructive environment: It is very important to create a constructive base environment in N.H.S database management system. Various decisions are becoming complex when it starts affecting peoples to weight up several intellectual options (Mikkonen et al. 2016). Conduction of stakeholder analysis, and following up decision model may help to improve the base of decision making. Situation Investigation: It is very essential to make a clear understanding regarding the situation. It may be that the objectives can be approached in initializing the isolation factors in a number of intellectual belongings. Changes in one department in N.H.S administration make the counter-productive. Generation of good alternatives: The better will be the options the wider will be the final decision in a N.H.S administration (Mital and Monga 2015). Generating varieties of options with forces of alternatives helps to dig out the issue from different angles. 6.2 Analysis tool for making improvement Knowledge Management in N.H.S Patient Database System Building up knowledge management into career path: The N.H.S administration built several processes of knowledge management into career paths in order to integrate the requirement of work flow for moving up the N.H.S (Borghoff and Pareschi 2013). Each individual group will contribute the appropriate level for its job. Tracking of useful metrics: The N.H.S administration tracked knowledge and measure the value of metrics to prioritize the areas of upcoming future knowledge (Strack et al. 2014). They usually see knowledge as a living system that requires to be weakened as the management changes. Conclusion This research paper concludes with the broad concept of database management system in context with N.H.S based patient management system. The researcher has discussed several intellectual concepts based on which several strategies have also been illustrated with respect to database management system in the case study. The report discusses about the database management system capabilities in the selected case study, in this case its N.H.S. The document also discuss about the challenges and benefits of data management systems and some critical technical, legal and ethical evaluation is been done by considering the case study. References Asabe, S.A., Oye, N.D. and Goji, M., 2013. N.H.S patient database management system: A case study of general N.H.S north-bank makurdi-United Kingdom. Compusoft, 2(3), p.65. Barone, D., Topaloglou, T. and Mylopoulos, J., 2012, June. Business intelligence modeling in action: a N.H.S case study. 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Oxford University Press. Holsapple, C. ed., 2013. Handbook on knowledge management 1: Knowledge matters (Vol. 1). Springer Science Business Media. Kaur, R. and Bhambri, P., 2015. INFORMATION RETRIEVAL SYSTEM FOR HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT.INFORMATION RETRIEVAL,2(4), pp54-72. Kirchner, K., Herzberg, N., Rogge-Solti, A. and Weske, M., 2013. Embedding conformance checking in a process intelligence system in N.H.S environments. In Process Support and Knowledge Representation in Health Care (pp. 126-139). Springer Berlin Heidelberg. Kuperman, G.J., Gardner, R.M. and Pryor, T.A., 2013. HELP: a dynamic N.H.S information system. Springer Science Business Media. Lavra , N., Keravnou-Papailiou, E. and Zupan, B. eds., 2012. Intelligent data analysis in medicine and pharmacology (Vol. 414). Springer Science Business Media. Mazurek, M., 2014, May. Applying NoSQL databases for operationalizing clinical data mining models. In International Conference: Beyond Databases, Architectures and Structures (pp. 527-536). Springer International Publishing. Mikkonen, K., Elo, S., Kuivila, H.M., Tuomikoski, A.M. and Kriinen, M., 2016. Culturally and linguistically diverse healthcare students experiences of learning in a clinical environment: a systematic review of qualitative studies. International journal of nursing studies, 54, pp.173-187. Mital, K.M. and Monga, M., 2015. N.H.S operations management and infection control: a gandhian perspective. Values-Based Management, 5(1), pp.37-54. Sauter, V.L., 2014. Decision support systems for business intelligence. John Wiley Sons. Strack, B., DeShazo, J.P., Gennings, C., Olmo, J.L., Ventura, S., Cios, K.J. and Clore, J.N., 2014. Impact of HbA1c measurement on N.H.S readmission rates: analysis of 70,000 clinical database patient records. BioMed research international, 2014. Thalheim, B., 2013. Entity-relationship modeling: foundations of database technology. 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World Vision Festival an Example by

World Vision Festival Working for World Vision is a very challenging task because you realize that the work you do is helping children, and you want to make sure you do your job in the best possible way. World Vision is dealing with such programs as child rescue, getting donations for children, sponsoring children. Every employee of World Vision is working very hard in order make sure children get as much support as possible. There are many children in need in the world, and therefore joint efforts have to be taken in order to protect them and help them if they are in need. Need essay sample on "World Vision Festival" topic? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you Proceed In order to finance various kinds of programs for children which are held by World Vision Australia its very important to organize different kinds of events to attract the attention of public. The problem of raising money to sponsor children is not an easy task. People would like to grant money to rescue a child but they need to be consulted by employees of World Vision in order to make sure they are really helping a child. One of the ways to stimulate people to donate money to children through World Vision is by making suggestions on the website. World Vision Australias website shows different kinds of programs for children in which people can invest money- for example, rescue a child, make a donation, sponsor a child, help fight HIV/AIDS and others. Those users of internet who are interested in charity can go to such a website and find all the necessary information about the kind of support they are able to provide to children. However, not everybody looks for this information on internet, therefore it was decided by the team of World Vision Australia that a festival had to be organized in support of the organization. The festivals slogan is going to be: World Vision- providing help for children worldwide. The festival is going to take place on November 5th, therefore it was very important for us to schedule all the events of the festival as fast as possible, advertise it through the use of mass media, and most importantly, find decent sponsors. According to the management suggestion, the best sponsors for this kind of festival were going to be Just Juice, Tip Top, and Frucore. Since I was the leader of the project, it was my task to negotiate with the representatives of the companies about their participation in the festival and their possible donations for the kids whom World Vision Australia supports. The amount of funds which had to be raised during the festival had to be not less than enough to sponsor 50 children per year. Therefore, it was very important to make sure sponsors agreed to take part in the festival. In order to persuade the sponsors in the necessity of their participation in the festival, I needed to present a detailed plan of the festival and its goals. All the information was printed out and presented to the sponsors. The plan of street festival included the following events: 10 a.m. -11 a.m. Faire of toys and other handicraft made things made by volunteers to raise funds for the World Vision organization; 11 a.m. 1 p.m. Concert of children (dancing, singing, performing different kinds of plays); 1 p.m. - 3 p.m. Concert of a popular rock group. 3 p.m.- 5 p.m. Sports competitions in different kinds of sports. The most important point in persuading the sponsors to participate in the festival was to make the sponsor realize what benefits he was doing to have from the participation. The benefits which were going to attract the sponsors included the reduction in taxes which they would get from the government by participating in the festival; developing the image of organizations due to their participation in philanthropic activities. It was also very important to make sure that the sponsors could advertise their companies during the festival. Therefore, it was agreed upon that during the festival, the people leading it would be mentioning the names of the sponsors very frequently, as well as put many slogans with their names in the area where the festival was going to take place. The sponsors also made sure that the even was covered in mass media (radio, newspapers, and most importantly television). In the result of negotiations, there were no objections of Just Juice, Tip Top and Frucore to their participation in the event. On the contrary, they wanted to make large donations to the children in need and especially those who were sick with AIDS. The sponsors also agreed to finance the invitation of a popular rock group to the festival which was one of the crucial questions in the festival. In order to attract the most public, it was necessary to invite a popular rock-group so that many people would come for the sake of the group but decide to donate money to children in need after participating in all the events at the festival. Therefore, the financial support of 3 major sponsors was very important for the festival. The money obtained from the sponsors enable World Vision to employ people who wanted to work during the festival in the promotion of its activities, and made sure all the preparations for the festival could be held at the highest level. Bibliography High Cost of Helping Poor.

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War and Peace essays

War and Peace essays War and Peace one of the greatest novels in the world, written by giant of Russian literature count Leo Tolstoy. Leo Tolstoy, the son of Count Nicholas Tolstoy, was born in 1828 at the family estate Yasnaya Polyana about 100 miles south of Moscow. His greatest novel War and Peace was published in 1869, after his work had undergone several changes in conception and he had spent five years of uninterrupted and exceptionally strenuous labour. The epic War and Peace describes the lives of five aristocratic families during the Napoleonic Wars between Russia and France. His subtle psychological insights and realistic details create an entire world from various points of view. Tolstoy summarizes the moral evil of the war in these words: An event took place opposed to human reason and to human nature. Millions of men perpetrated against one another such innumerable crimes, frauds, treacheries, thefts, forgeries, issues of false money, burglaries, incendiarisms, and murders as in whole centuries are not recorded in the annals of all the law courts of the world, but which those who committed them did not at the time regard as being crimes. There are three main screen versions of War and Peace: the 1956 version by King Vidor, 1967 Russian version and another American movie of 1973. The 1956 version is not the best ever done but it was the first significant screening of the novel. The director of this movie is King Vidor, cast: Audrey Hepburn as Natasha Rostova, Henry Fonda as Pierre Bezukhov, and Mel Ferrer as Andrew Bolkoski. The script was done by six writers including Vidor and, in general, follows the plot of the novel. However, a lot of scenes from the novel are omitted and some minor characters are not shown. Thou I think it is a good adaptation, considering the length of the book and the short length the movie actually had to be. Star-studded cast and spectacular battle scenes (directed by Mario Soldati) certainl...

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Nursing Article critique Lab Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Nursing Article critique - Lab Report Example Although, they have not mentioned anything related to time geographic location of the study which enhance the interest of the readers; still the mentioning of the type of intercourse, consensual and non-consensual, improves its strength. This article does not contain an abstract. As an abstract is summary of an article so it should cover all the important sections of a research article, like: background, the methods, findings, conclusion and implications. It is the quality of a good abstract that the main theme of the research carried out and the point of view of the researchers should be narrated in a coherent way so that the reader could clearly understand this summary. The authors provide a very comprehensive account on the introduction. They specifically discussed the issues related to the topic with reference to the US. To further strengthen the statements the authors have utilized various sources available. This article does include the section on background; this has been addressed in a short but comprehensive way. Here the authors discussed various terminologies in use by the US department of Justice and the criteria related to the event of a rape. The authors of this article have tried to address important aspects of the available evidence under the section on literature review.